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Best Free To Do List / Schedule Management App for Smartphones

I have been using Todoist on my PC and Windows laptop for a long time to manage my works and daily routines. But managing those in PC can be troublesome sometimes just because it might not be reachable all the time specially when you are outside or just not feeling like turning your PC on. As always I am very sensitive about using 3rd party apps and softwares in my devices because adwares and junk apps are basically everywhere. Because of this reason, I contained myself from trying some of task management apps in my Android phone until today. However I’ve asked about it in PC Builder Forum and people were kind enough to suggest me their go to task management apps. I have downloaded 3 of the most recommended app in my mobile and checked out features and utilities of each of them has to offer and here I am sharing my personal experience with those.


I have decided to install it first just because how familiar I am with the desktop version of Todoist. After installing, I logged in and all my tasks from PC synced well but then I have found out that the free version is very basic and does not include essential features (or I just could not find those) like repeating a task everyday/weekend etc and adding comments and notes to a to-do task. It was a deal breaker for me so I moved forward. But if you want to spend for premium To-Do app then this might be an excellent choice.

Microsoft To-Do

It has very simple and clean looking user interface which I really appreciate. “My Day” is also a handy feature however it lacks many essential features compared to Todoist (PC version) and there are just better apps available there. It does not even have reminder, calendar or sharing capability like Wunderlist which was bought by Microsoft. It was supposed to be the new Wunderlist but feels like a dumbed down beta version of Wunderlist.


Now the good part. Currently I am sticking with this app and may use Microsoft To-Do when it adds more features. Wunderlist has all the featuresthat me and majority of people would need from a smart task manager app. Scheduled tasks appears in “Today” when the date comes, you can add comments, set up priority of task, add subtasks and even attach file which is very very handy and only available in Todoist if you buy premium version. It has capability to add repeating feature what was a deal breaker for me on Todoist’s free version. You can also customize and add background because who does not love personalizing apps?

So out of those 3, I strongly recommend Wunderlist because of it’s feature rich interface yet similar clean and easy UI like Todoist and Microsoft To-Do. It is available in App store for IOS and also available in Play Store for Android.


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